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Discover the perfect reading by Mona to suit your needs with her diverse range of intuitive reading packages. Each package is thoughtfully designed to offer unique insights and guidance, whether you're seeking answers to specific questions or exploring broader aspects of your life's journey.

30 Minute Reading

Via Phone

$ 159 /session

1 Person

30 Minute Session

Via Phone*

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* You may record this session if you wish

1 Hour Reading

Via Phone

$ 249 /person

1 Person

60 Minute Session

Via Phone*

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* You may record Phone sessions if you wish

1 Hour Reading

Via Zoom

$ 349 /person

1 Person

60 Minute Session

Via Zoom Call*

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an online meeting with Mona. Instructions will be provided in your confirmation email 24 hours before your appointment.

Limited In Person


$ 495 /person

1 Person

60 Minute Session

In person - At Mona's Office

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Submit 1 Question Ahead of Session

* A very limited number of sessions are made available each month

The Reading Process

Mona has shared a summary of her reading process so that

you may have the most successful reading possible.

My primary motivation for sharing the reading process with my clients stems from a deep belief in empowerment and transparency. I view Tarot reading not just as a means of divination, but as a collaborative journey into self-awareness and decision-making. By involving you, my clients, in the process, explaining the significance of the cards drawn, and how they relate to the individual's life and choices, it fosters a deeper understanding and personal connection to the insights provided.

This approach demystifies the reading process, making it more accessible and meaningful. It encourages clients to engage actively with the guidance offered, promoting a sense of ownership over their personal growth and life decisions. Ultimately, this shared experience is about empowering you to harness the wisdom of the Tarot in a way that is enlightening, practical, and deeply personal, thereby enriching your journey towards self-discovery and fulfillment.


Your first reading...

Welcome to your first journey into tarot reading with me! As your guide, I'll take you through a process that's both intuitive and deeply reflective, aimed at unveiling the layers of your current situation, potential future paths, and the energies surrounding them. The Tarot serves as a mirror to your soul, reflecting not predetermined fate, but rather the currents of possibility flowing through your life.

Please know that if you have worked with other readers previously, I want to outline my process so you understand what to expect.

Remember, this experience is collaborative and interactive. Your openness and engagement with the cards are crucial to the reading's depth. As we explore the cards drawn, I encourage you to share your thoughts and feelings, as these will enrich the insights we uncover together.

This process is not about predicting a fixed future but empowering you with clarity and perspective to navigate life's complexities with more confidence and understanding. I'm here to support you on this journey of insight and transformation.

Getting ready for your reading

How can you prepare?

To ensure you receive the most from your session with Mona, it's recommended that you come to your appointment prepared with written questions. This helps to direct your intentions and enhance the focus of your reading. For the optimal experience, please ensure you are in a tranquil environment during the session—avoid being in a moving vehicle or similar distractions.

During the first half of your reading, Mona will provide a comprehensive overview, interpreting the cards to reveal potential futures and insights based on your current path. The latter half of your session will be dedicated to addressing your specific questions. This is the time to explore deeper into areas of opportunity or concern that matter most to you.

Reading Sections

Mona has a unique spread for her readings, below is an outline of the typical layout

she utilizes. Your cards will be unique to your reading. Mona feels sharing this

information is helpful to provide a greater understanding of your cards!

Drawing Your Cards...

Initially, I will have you draw 5 cards with your left hand (the closest to your heart) and then set them aside, these will reflect the basis of your reading. (If the reading is remote, I will draw these 5 cards).

I will then have you mix up the whole deck of cards and focus on the whole reason you requested a reading (if it's a remote reading, I will mix the cards and concentrate on you.) Once complete, I will pause for several seconds to get the energies from the cards.

I will then gather up the cards and have you cut the deck with your left hand (if it's a remote reading, I will cut the deck with my left hand.) I will then lay out the spread of cards.

Card Sections

Section 1 - Overview of the Whole Reading

Section 1 - Are the first drawn cards at the beginning of the reading. These represent the overview for the whole reading.

Section 2 - Base of Reading

Section 2 - The card below the center of the represents the energy base of the reading or "the why".

Section 3 - Vibration Going into Reading

Section 3 - This card represents the energy going into your reading.

Section 4 - Energy Presented & Issue Presented

Section - These cards are the first 2 cards in the main portion of your reading and the important issue/opportunity in the reading.

Section 5 - Health, Love, Success & Prosperity

Section 5 - These cards represent (from left to right) the energies for your health, love, success and prosperity.

Section 6 - Vibration Cards

Section 6 - These cards represent your vibration cards for the overview of your reading - your organic energies, mindset and/or challenges.

Section 7 - Karmic cards

Section 7 - These cards represent your karmic cards or messages from the other side. Although Mona is not a medium, but may share a message that may come through that resonates with you.

Section 8 - Possible Future

Section 8 - These cards represents the near term energy for what is about to happen. Please remember that "when" is subjective.

Section 9 - Action Card

Section 9 - This card represents the action to initiate to lead you to what you most wish to achieve or accomplish.

Questions During Your Reading

Mona welcomes all your questions. Her approach is to provide you with a rich and comprehensive overview first and then address any of your questions after the main reading.

In our Tarot reading sessions, your curiosity and openness are the keys to unlocking deeper insights and guidance. I encourage you to ask questions throughout our time together, as this interaction fosters a more personalized and meaningful reading experience. Your questions help direct the focus of the reading, allowing us to explore areas of your life where you seek clarity, understanding, or guidance. Remember, no question is too big or too small, and each inquiry opens a door to new possibilities and perspectives.

Here are some example questions that clients often find helpful to ask during a Tarot reading:

- What do I need to understand about my current career path?

- What steps should I take to find true love?

- Is the person I'm dating the one with whom I can create a future?

- How can I help create more accord in my current relationship?

- Do you see a move for me?

- In what ways can I enhance my personal growth and development?

- What energies are currently surrounding my financial situation?

- How can I better align with my life's purpose or direction?

- What can I do to create more balance and harmony in my life?

- Are there any messages from my spirit guides or the universe that I need to hear?

These questions are just starting points. Feel free to bring any questions that are on your mind or in your heart. Our session is a safe space for exploration and insight, designed to support you on your journey toward greater self-awareness and fulfillment.

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