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Welcome to Mona's Event Booking Page.

Welcome to Mona's Event Booking page, where ancient wisdom meets modern celebrations. Offering tailored readings, Mona enhances weddings, corporate events, birthdays, seasonal festivals, and retreats with deep insights and captivating interactions. Let Mystic Mona®️ bring a touch of magic and mystery to your next event, providing a unique experience that your guests will remember for years to come.

Why Choose Mona for Your Event?

Experience and Insight: With extensive experience in Tarot reading, Mona brings a deep understanding of the cards that translates into profound and applicable insights for her clients. Engagement and Interaction: Not just a reader, but a storyteller, Mona captivates her audience, making every reading a memorable part of your event. Customization: Each reading is specifically tailored to fit the individual or group, seamlessly integrating with the theme and dynamics of your event. Atmosphere Enhancement: Mona’s presence adds an element of wonder and introspection, elevating the overall ambiance of your gathering.

Event Services Descriptions:

Holiday Parties: Celebrate the festive spirit with Tarot readings that reflect the joy and magic of the season, providing guests with personalized insights into the coming year.

New Year Predictions/Fortune Telling: Start the new year with excitement! Mona offers predictions that give guests a glimpse into what the future holds, sparking hope and intrigue.

Wedding Receptions: Mona's readings can offer newlyweds and their guests insights into their future together, making the celebration even more special and memorable.

Surprise Parties: Enhance the thrill of surprise with spontaneous tarot readings, adding an element of mystique and fun to the festivities.

Ladies Parties/Gal Pal Reunions: Perfect for catching up and bonding, tarot readings at these gatherings add depth and laughter to the cherished moments among friends.

Bachelorette Fun: Lighthearted readings about future marital bliss and personal fortunes.

Coachella: In the heart of music and arts, Tarot readings provide a bohemian, mystical flair, connecting festival-goers with deeper cosmic energies.

Real Estate Open House Events: Attract and engage potential buyers with readings that create a memorable open house, making your property stand out.

Graduation Parties: Celebrate this major milestone with readings that inspire graduates about their future careers and personal journeys.

Exclusive Cocktail Events: Add a sophisticated twist to upscale gatherings with elegant tarot readings that entertain and engage high-profile guests.

Birthdays: Personalized Tarot readings can reflect on the past year and offer exciting peeks into what the next year might hold, making birthdays even more special.

Trade Shows/Conventions: Draw attendees to your booth with interactive tarot readings, providing a unique and memorable experience that complements the business environment.

Slot Tournaments: Bring an extra layer of fun and anticipation to slot tournaments with tarot predictions about luck and fortune.

VIP Gatherings: Offer your VIP guests an exclusive experience with luxury tarot readings that cater to their tastes and interests.

Grand Openings: Kick off your business opening with a splash by offering Tarot readings, attracting and engaging a crowd with something uniquely engaging.

Booking Process

Are you ready to introduce a magical experience at your next event? Click on any of the selections below to begin the booking process with Mona. Our user-friendly booking system ensures you can easily secure Mona’s services, guaranteeing your event is not only successful but also enchantingly memorable. Should you have a special request regarding your vision for an upcoming event, please use the Contac Page or call Mona directly at 702-233-4790.

Event Pricing Tables

Invite Mystic Mona(TM) to your next gathering and let her Tarot cards unlock the mysteries and potential of your special occasion.

2 Hour Event

$ 1500.00 /2 Hours

2 Hour Minimum

Continuous Readings throughout your event

Does Not include travel expenses

4 Hour Event

$ 2500 /4 Hours

4 Hour Minimum

Continuous Readings throughout your event

Does not include travel expenses

Full Day (8 Hours)

$ 5000/ 8 Hours

Full Day (8 Hours)

Continuous Readings throughout your event

Does not include travel expenses


"The Richard Harris Law Firm has booked Mona for the past six years. We can always count on her professionalism. She delights with compassion and people line up to meet with her. She is our "go-to" for intuitive entertainment."

Kristine anderson

media strategist & event manager


"Mona is an incredible hit at our events, captivating our attendees with her engaging readings and insightful predictions. Her presence adds a magical touch that perfectly aligns with our mission to entertain and enchant our customers. We highly recommend Mona for your event to add a touch of wonder and excitement!"

laura frerichs

cepia, llc - toy manufacturer


"Mona is the most fascinating and enlightening professionals I've ever worked with. Her empathic talent mixed with her personable charisma really created a compelling engagement at my bridal show booth. Attendees and prospects just lined up!"

amanda eggers

ivory & Lace creative


"As a DMC Event Planner, we are meticulous about the talent we offer. Mona is always our #1 go to for Psychic talent. She's professional, engaging and always a hit with our clients. We always receive such great feedback from our clients when booking Mona for our events.

If you want your next program or corporate event to be a hit, you need to book Mona!!"

michael brown, csep

360 destination group


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